An Uncensored Podcast for First-Time Mums

What really happens from that first ‘holy shit’ moment when the pregnancy test comes back positive to navigating weird bodily changes, identity, relationships and life with the little human? Join (heavily pregnant) health journalist Lizza Gebilagin in this pregnancy podcast series as she tracks down Australia’s leading experts and has a few raw conversations with her own friends to find out.

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Video: Jason Lee. Big thanks to Lizza’s boxing coach Ben Savva and Under Armour.

Your Host

Holy Sh!t I’m Pregnant is produced by Lizza Gebilagin, a health journalist who was shocked to discover:

  • she was pregnant within a week of being made redundant from her job during the COVID lockdowns
  • as much as she enjoys a good listicle, she found it hard to find good pregnancy info online
  • everything pregnancy-related is designed in pink. Pastel pink.*

In this pregnancy podcast series, Lizza leverages the connections she’s made with the country’s top health experts to find out fact from clickbait and chats to women from a range of backgrounds about their own unique pregnancy experiences. Because, if we all weren’t pink-loving women pre-pregnancy, why would be now?

*Pink is okay in minuscule amounts.

Lizza Gebilagin at 27 weeks pregnant. Photo: Jason Lee

Lizza Gebilagin is a Sydney-based freelance journalist and podcast producer whose CV is filled with formerly loved media brands. She was deputy editor of Women’s Health Australia (it’s back from the dead!), body + soul (stay strong), Cleo and Dolly magazines (RIP x 2), and co-host and producer of podcast Uninterrupted by Women’s Health Australia (RIP). Fun fact: She’s also a NSW boxing champion who’s competed in the World Championship Qualifiers, National Championships and Arafura Games. 2020 was the year she was either going to become a professional boxer or fall pregnant. It’s pretty obvious how that turned out. #lockdownbaby